Off-road tour improves woman"s eyesight

Off-road tour improves woman"s eyesight

A New Zealand woman has credited a bumpy 4x4 tour with helping to restore her vision slightly.

Joan Gluer, 77, suffered from rapidly deteriorating eyesight before booking the trip to the Tasman Valley, where she hoped to catch some amazing sights before her vision quality decreased further, Top News reported.

However, after the tour she noticed that she could see things a little more clearly and believes that the bumpy 4x4 tour and sudden jerky movements may have been a factor in her vision improving.

"It was a bit like looking through a dirty window, but I could see. We don"t know if it was the jolting about or not, but it"s just amazing for me. It didn"t fix my hearing though," she told the website.

Ms Gluer added that a number of age-related complications had previously prevented her from seeing as clearly as she would have liked but now she can enjoy things more - something her daughter said she was delighted to discover.

by Martin Burns

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