Overnight corrective contact lenses "the real deal"

Overnight corrective contact lenses "the real deal"

New types of contact lenses which claim to improve people"s vision by being worn overnight are the real deal, according to one patient.

Speaking to the Hindu, V Nitin revealed that his aspirations of being a professional cricket player were hit for six when he began to show the symptoms of myopia, which is hereditary, on his mother"s side of the family.

However, in an attempt to keep his cricketing dreams alive, Mr Nitin began wearing overnight, corrective contact lenses which he said began to restore his vision and have allowed him to play without restriction once more.

K Vasantha, director at Government Eye Hospital, Egmore, explained to the website how the lenses work: "Since the lenses are smaller they allow the cornea to absorb nutrients and oxygen. Patients sleep with the lenses and during the day they can do without glasses."

The process has proven so successful that Mr Nitin was able to participate in the Interschool Sri Lankan Academy cricket tournament, where he was vice captain of the Indian team.

by Emily Tait

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