Contact lenses "can help with any activity"

Contact lenses "can help with any activity"

Almost anyone can benefit from contact lenses, which help to boost their enjoyment of a huge range of activities, one source has explained.

A piece in the Aberdeen Press and Journal noted that, unlike many years ago when people with poor eyesight had to wear huge glasses or suffer from vision issues forever, there are now many options available.

It explained that people who have retired no longer need to worry about what they can"t do and need to start thinking about what they can do with their spare time.

"From watercolour painting to boating and trekking – or even wing-walking – there are specs and contact lenses to help you master your new passion," the source noted.

It added that people with both long and short-sightedness can benefit from wearing contact lenses so nobody has to miss out.

Another way to improve vision in older people is the use of an iPhone app, which the developers claim can make real difference to people"s vision.

According to Ucansi, the developers of GlassesOff, middle-aged people who regularly use the brain training app will be able to improve their vision to what it was like ten years ago, New Scientist reported.

by Adrian Galbreth

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