Skiers offered more eyewear advice

Skiers offered more eyewear advice

People heading to the slopes in the coming weeks and months have been offered advice on how to protect their vision from the elements.

Liz Segre, editorial director of AllAboutVision.com, said that people need to look out for many things when choosing protective eyewear for skiing.

The main feature to think about when picking a ski goggle is the lens tint, as some tints, such as amber, work well on both low-light days and bright days, she noted.

The expert explained that they deepen the contrast between shadows and highlights in the snow, so people can better judge where the bumps are and steer themselves accordingly.

She noted that polarised, darker lenses are great for days when it is very bright outside, with a lot of glare, and ensure comfort, while for grey, cloudy days, rose-tinted lenses are best.

Ms Segre suggested: "You could buy two or three goggles to make sure you"re ready for all the different light situations.

"But it"s probably smarter to choose a goggle that lets you change the lenses when you wish, so if the slopes are shadowy in the morning and sunny later on, you"ll be prepared."

The fit is important as well, she explained, so if winter sports enthusiasts wear a helmet, as many people do, they should try on the goggles with the helmet to make sure they are centred properly and feel comfortable.

It comes after Dharmesh Patel, chairman of the Eyecare Trust, recently said that if anyone is heading for the ski slopes this year they should not forget to pack their UV protective eyewear.

As high altitudes increase UV radiation levels and fresh snow can reflect as much as 80 per cent of the radiation, it is vital that you protect your eyes both when you"re on the slopes and whilst enjoying the apres ski, he advised. 

by Martin Burns

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