Contact lenses help hockey player to improve form

Contact lenses help hockey player to improve form

By Alexa Kaczka

Over the last few years, hundreds of sportsmen and women around the globe have begun wearing contact lenses to help improve their on-field performances and correct sight problems.

One of the most famous contact lens wearers is Novak Djokovic, the world's number one tennis player, who has won three Grand Slam titles this season and swept all before him.

However, contact lens use is not just limited to tennis, as the likes of footballers, baseball players and many other sportsmen and women have all benefitted from contacts in order to improve their vision.

Another sport where players rely on great vision is ice hockey, due to the fast-moving puck and the fact that the slightest miscalculation can be costly.

This was recently highlighted by Roman Horak, who plays for the Calgary Flames, and told Slam! Sports that his switch to using contact lenses on the field of play is one of the wisest decisions he has ever made.

The 20-year-old star has had a hugely impressive season, thanks in no small part to his improved sight, and told the website that although it was tough at first, the decision has been worth it.

"Now that I see, the difference it’s huge. With that and all the other things happening … this year has gone kind of quick to me," the young player explained to the news source.

And with two goals and three assists in seven outings, it is hard to argue with the fact that contact lenses have enhanced his on-field play significantly.

However, it is not only famous sportsmen and women who rely on contact lenses to stay active, as was recently noted by Hanna Brooks Olsen, writing for BlissTree.com.

She explained that her decision to switch from glasses to contact lenses has enabled her to take part in many different activities which she was previously unable to be a part of.

by Emily Tait

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