Brits go Halloween crazy for coloured contact lenses

Brits go Halloween crazy for coloured contact lenses

By Emily Tait

This year has experienced the biggest ever sales spike for Halloween contact lenses, as people across the UK looked to enhance their outfits with weird and wonderful designs.

Thanks to the enormous popularity of films such as the Twilight series recently, and this year"s release of the final Harry Potter film, the penchant for dressing up like vampires, werewolves and other creatures is greater than ever.

With dozens of different contact lens designs available, from products that simply change people"s eye colour to ones with a unique pattern, consumers have more choice than ever in 2011, and this has shown in the sales figures.

As of last year, the most popular option appears to be the vampire look, with men replicating Robert Pattinson"s Edward Cullen in the Twilight film and ladies opting for the Bella Swan look, as sported by Kristen Stewart.

Those who do opt to alter their eye colour for Halloween parties were recently advised by the American Academy of Ophthalmology to ensure they only buy the products from reputable suppliers.

by Martin Burns

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