Menicon unveils thinnest ever disposable contact lens

Menicon unveils thinnest ever disposable contact lens

By Martin Burns

Contact lens manufacturer Menicon is planning to launch what would be the thinnest ever mass market daily disposable contact lens.

The manufacturer announced that the lens, known as Magic, is the first in Japan to utilise HEMA-GMA, a material offering superior water retention by attracting water molecules for high wettability and all-day comfort.

It has a base curve of 8.60 mm and a diameter of 14.2 mm and will initially be sold in Japan, with production underway at the company's factory in Singapore to support nationwide marketing from April next year.

The contact lens packaging has also been designed to be one of the slimmest on the market, and sandwiches the lens lightly and securely between two specially designed foil sheets, unlike regular plastic containers in which the lenses float loosely.

According to Menicon, this will enable printing on both sides, which is something not possible with conventional packaging.

by Adrian Galbreth

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