Health minister supports contacts bill

Health minister supports contacts bill

By Martin Burns

A new bill in Canada that will help to improve the quality and reliability of the contact lenses provided to the public has been backed by the country's health minister.

According to Leona Aglukkaq, she is firmly behind the new bill, which would set out new requirements for companies wanting to sell contact lenses to ensure members of the public who require vision correction are only receiving product that are completely official.

This will help to curb the supply of certain contact lens – mainly cosmetic ones – which are been sold illegally and potentially placing people's vision at risk.

"By regulating as medical devices, Canadians will have clear information about safety, risks and the proper use and care of cosmetic contact lenses, which will allow them to make an informed decision about whether ... to use them," she commented.

It comes after Conservative MP Pat Davidson recently received backing for a private member's bill Monday, after opposition MPs had stood in the House of Commons to voice support for amending the country's Food and Drugs Act to treat non-correction cosmetic contact lenses in the same way as corrective contact lenses.

by Emily Tait

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