Potato slices "can cure puffy eyes"

Potato slices "can cure puffy eyes"

Every morning, millions of people across the globe wake up with puffy eyes and have to travel to work knowing they don"t look their best, but this problem can be solved through a rather unexpected means, it has been claimed.

According to weightwatchers, the humble potato can play a major role in helping to reduce puffy peepers by calming the eye surround and leave people looking fresh.

In a post on MSN UK, the organisation noted: "Our eyes get tired, particularly the morning after the night before. There are some fabulous eye masks and gels we can use to rehydrate and refresh tired eyes but there is also a home remedy that is a well-kept industry secret: the potato slice."

The site advised people to slice a potato and place it over their eyes for ten minutes, and any puffiness is likely to disappear right away.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with NBC Los Angeles, Dr Harue Marsden, president of the California Optometric Association, said that keeping a bottle of sterile saline solution in the fridge can help to provide relief for sore eyes.

by Emily Tait

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