Oil-free makeup "the best choice" for contact lens wearers

Oil-free makeup "the best choice" for contact lens wearers

The best makeup choice for people who wear contact lenses is a type that is mainly oil free, according to one advice site.

One India compiled a list of tips for contact lens wearers who apply makeup, noting that water resistant makeup products do not smudge the eyes and can also prevent irritation.

Another key tip is to put the lens in before applying eye makeup and ensure that hands are thoroughly washed both before and afterwards, then to take out the lens before removing eye makeup.

The source also advised: Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner for eye makeup. Apply a thin or thick line of eyeliner on the upper eyelids, then use colourful liquid liners or eyeliner pencils, but avoid applying eyeliner on the edges or inner surface of the eyelids."

Recent eye makeup advice was also issued to contact lens wearers by Nicky Hambleton-Jones, the Makeover Queen and former host of Ten Years Younger, who said that women should apply eyeliner along the lash line and "wing out for a fun flash of colour", then finish with a slick of mascara.

by Martin Burns

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