Regular contact lens examinations "will avoid problems"

Regular contact lens examinations "will avoid problems"

The vast majority of people who wear contact lenses have no problems whatsoever with their lenses and find that they make a major difference to their everyday lives, making activities easier and generally boosting their enjoyment.

Some people may experience certain issue with their lenses, but these individuals should not dismay, according to one expert who has advised people to follow specific routine to avoid or deal with any issues.

Dr Sandip Doshi, senior optometrist at The Eyecare Centre in Hove and optometrist lead for the Community Eye Service for Brighton & Hove Primary Care Trust, said anyone experiencing visual problems with their contact lenses should consult their contact lens practitioner immediately.

He elaborated: "It is important that they have an up-to-date lens examination as this will exclude any problems with eye health as the source of the difficulty with vision. Additionally, it will allow the practitioner to address the issue and establish that the patient has the best lenses for their prescription."

As there are many recent advances in lens technology, improvements can be made most of the time by switching brand, Dr Doshi explained.

He added that, in the short-term, while waiting for the appointment, switching to a current pair of spectacles may provide a more immediate solution.

It come after the Woodlands Eye Associates recently said that people who wear contact lenses need to ensure that they are aware of any allergies they may have and also take care not to expose themselves to the causes of these allergies.

As many airborne particles can affect people, depending on their allergy, contact lens wearers need to be particularly careful in certain situations and at specific times of the year, the source noted.

by Alexa Kaczka

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