Parents urged to be aware of white eye

Parents urged to be aware of white eye

Pre-school infant Harry Richardson has undergone successful surgery in order to save his right eye, after being diagnosed with Coats Disease.

The Sunderland Echo reported that the youngster"s condition was spotted by his mother, Lynsey Baxter, after she saw a white shadow in her son"s eye when observing a family photograph.

Although there is a concern that Harry will have lost most or all of his vision in his right eye, laser surgery at Sunderland Eye Infirmary is likely to have prevented the child from experiencing any retina damage.

Following the discovery of her son"s condition, Ms Baxter launched a "white eye" campaign on Facebook to help parents in a similar scenario.

She advised: "The message is still the same – look out for any signs of "white eye" in photographs, because while it could be something quite innocent, it could also mean there is a serious problem."

Recently, the Manly Daily News reported how 12-year-old Zara Fraser went through a three-hour operation in order to restore her vision, after the youngster was struck down with the rare eye infection periorbital cellulitis.

by Martin Burns

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