Poor eyesight "the most difficult aspect of ageing"

Poor eyesight "the most difficult aspect of ageing"

The failure of people"s vision is the most difficult aspect of growing old, according to a recent survey carried out by one contact lens manufacturer.

The report by Bausch + Lomb reveals that 61 per cent of people believe that vision issues will be the biggest hurdle to overcome as they grow older and face up to the fact that their eyes are not as powerful as they once were.

According to the poll, 48 per cent think that poor vision would make them feel their age, while one in five said that being unable to get behind the wheel of a car in the dark could cause issues.

The B+L survey also found that good vision is favoured over good hearing, with 40 per cent of people saying said they would rather have their hearing in old age.

Certain forms of vision correction were also a reason for people being anxious about growing old, with 14 per cent of responds noting that reading glasses would make them feel old.

by Emily Tait

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