Subtle colours "key for daytime eye makeup"

Subtle colours "key for daytime eye makeup"

Using subtle colours is the key to achieving excellent results when applying daytime eye makeup, an expert has claimed.

Bang Style Hair and Culture has highlighted the fact that there is an unwritten code detailing what is suitable to wear during the daytime, which can often help people decide what look to achieve.

It claimed that both dark and really bright tones will typically look out of place during the daytime, making it important to try and achieve a subtle, natural look.

The use of soft and shimmery pinks, along with a touch of black mascara and minimal eyeliner, is one look that the magazine advised.

It said that those who are feeling daring are still able to experiment with bright colours if they remember to do so in moderation and with a sense of subtlety.

Those looking forward to catching the winter sun in one of Europe"s stylish ski resorts should make sure to pick up some stylish sunglasses, as OSOYOU has claimed these can help keep one"s eyes shaded from the bright sun.

by Emily Tait

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