Cloudy vision "is a warning sign"

Cloudy vision "is a warning sign"

Anybody experiencing cloudy vision should not leave it a moment longer before addressing the problem, as this may be an indicator of a major eyesight problem, one expert has pointed out.

According to Dr Michael Pier, director of professional relations for North American Vision Care, part of Bausch + Lomb, if people"s vision is cloudy, especially in one eye more than another, it is "definitely" time to see an eyecare professional, as it may be a sign of cataracts.

He told the Orange County Register that even people who previously had cataracts and believe they have been completely cured of the condition may still be affected, so it is highly inadvisable to live with cloudy vision.

"If you already have had cataract surgery, there is a membrane left in the eye that maybe can become cloudy in 18 to 20 per cent of patients. It"s an easy procedure to go in with a laser and clean it off," Dr Pier explained.

The expert also recently warned people against self-diagnosing eye problems, noting that there are two common reasons for the loss of peripheral vision, such as undiagnosed glaucoma or peripheral retina detachment, neither of which people should take any risk with.

by Martin Burns

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