Classic sunglasses "best way to show off eyes"

Classic sunglasses "best way to show off eyes"

By Emily Tait

Those wanting to show off their eyes in the best possible way should consider investing in classic sunglasses, an expert has advised.

Erika Chloe, celebrity stylist and chief executive officer at Myimageexpert.com, said that those looking to buy new lenses should opt for some of the more traditional styles.

She said that the long lifespan of this type of fashion makes these an excellent investment choice, as they can withstand the test of time.

Among the top picks that fashionistas can choose are Aviators, Pilots or those in the Ray-Ban styles, all of which are affordable for those with a limited budget.

Looking back to the 50s, 60s and 70s can also yield a lot of different ideas and concepts as inspiration, she suggested.

Ms Chloe suggested that shaped-sunglasses styles are becoming popular again, with designers turning back to these elements.

She said: "Many designers have incorporated shapes like butterflies and hearts into their collection to create a retro influence that is slowly becoming a new trend for women."

Kate Williams, shopping editor for OSOYOU, recently claimed that there has never been a more stylish time to wear sunglasses than the 2011/12 autumn and winter seasons.

by Emily Tait

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