Sleeping in contact lenses "should be avoided"

Sleeping in contact lenses "should be avoided"

People should avoid sleeping in contact lenses if they are to ensure that their vision care regimen is as safe and hygienic as possible, one expert has noted.

According to Dr Lee Hung Ming, medical director of Parkway Eye Clinic at Gleneagles Hospital, to many contact lens wearers it will seem obvious that they should remove their contacts on an evening and either place them in solution or dispose of them, but a surprising number of people fail to do this.

He told Asia One that the major danger of this is that the lens will be far more difficult to remove in the morning and may get stuck, which could result in the need for medical attention.

Avoiding the temptation to sleep in contacts and following a proper eyecare regime can ensure people avoid any trouble with their contacts - whether disposable or otherwise - and benefit from improved vision without discomfort.

by Alexa Kaczka

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