"Always use contact lens solution" to clean lenses

"Always use contact lens solution" to clean lenses

Nowadays, reusable contact lenses are always provided with instructions on how to clean and maintain them, but this does not stop people from using unconventional or unsafe means of rinsing them, one expert has noted.

According to Dr Por Yong Ming, consultant eye surgeon at Jerry Tan Eye Surgery, he encounters many people who believe it is acceptable to use tap water to rinse contact lenses but this is highly inadvisable.

The reason is that many small bacteria exist in tap water which – although not harmful to the stomach when drunk – can cause irritation and infection if brought into prolonged contact with the eye, he told Asia One.

According to the expert, the only way to avoid this is by using an approved contact lens solution that can help to eliminate bacteria and keep people"s eyes safe.

Recent research carried out on behalf of Biotrue multi-purpose contact lens solution revealed a number of contact lens cleaning horror stories.

It revealed that baby oil, beer, coke, petroleum jelly, lemonade, fruit juice and even butter have all been used in the past in place of a contact lens solution, with as many as 20 per cent of wearers trying bizarre cleaning routines.

by Alexa Kaczka

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