Results of laser eye surgery "are evident immediately"

Results of laser eye surgery "are evident immediately"

By Adrian Galbreth

People who make the decision to undergo laser eye surgery will notice the benefits of the procedure almost immediately, according to one expert who has extolled the virtues of the operation.

Wayne Crewe-Brown, a leading consultant ophthalmic surgeon and medical director at Optilase Clinic, told the Galway Independent that there are many reasons why people would undergo the procedure, from being able to play sport without glasses, to the convenience of not having to carry spectacles around with them.

"The life changing results of laser eye surgery are evident almost immediately and the most common response from our patients is always 'Why didn't I do it years ago?' It's an incredibly successful and surprisingly straight forward procedure that quite literally changes people's lives," he explained.

The expert's comments were backed up by Munster Rugby star Doug Howlett, who had laser eye surgery at Optilase during the summer in a bid to improve his eyesight during matches and found that the benefits were wide and great.

"I really can't believe how this has changed my life - it was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. I just wish I had done it sooner!" he told the newspaper.

Mr Crewe-Brown explained that there are two different types of laser eye surgery, Lasik and Lasek, which work by changing the shape of the surface of the eye, and are able to correct both long and short-sighted prescriptions, in addition to astigmatism.

At the moment, Lasik is one the most popular treatments, with nine in ten patients opting for this process as the recovery time is fast, though both methods are highly effective and can help to substantially improve people's vision.

Recently Dr John DeStafeno, the resident West Chester Lasik surgeon at Chester County Eye Care Associates, reminded people that they need to thoroughly research their laser eye surgeon and practice before they go for an evaluation to ensure the procedure goes without a hitch.

by Adrian Galbreth

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