"Look after your body and vision" during the winter

"Look after your body and vision" during the winter

By Alexa Kaczka

With winter almost upon us and the temperature dropping, it is easy for people to think that they are no longer in danger from the sun's rays, but that is not the case, as UV can still harm the skin and eyes.

Although many people will have put their sunglasses away for the winter, they should keep them out in order to protect their vision from the sun and make sure no harmful rays affect their eyesight.

Amanda McGillivray, founder of The Natural Skincare Company, said that there are many ways in which people can help to look after their body in winter, with sunglasses just one way of protecting themselves.

She also explained that the skin is prone to drying out and can become itchy due to the lack of humidity and central heating indoors, so people should try drinking more water and adding a bowl of it to a room to increase the humidity.

Recently, Nicky Hambleton-Jones, style and beauty guru at nhjstyle.com, explained that the delicate skin around your eyes is 40 times thinner than the skin on the rest of the face and is the first area to show premature photo-ageing.

"By wearing a good pair of sunglasses, people can protect their eyes from UV rays and also stop squinting, which can contribute to developing crow's feet," she explained.

by Martin Burns

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