Operation can "freeze" poor eyesight

Operation can "freeze" poor eyesight

A relatively new procedure pioneered by Dr David Allamby at the Focus Laser Vision clinic in Wimpole Street and can help to improve the eyesight of people by effectively "freezing" their sight, the London Evening Standard reports.

According to the expert behind it, the ten-minute procedure, which costs in the region of £3,000 per eye, involves creating a "pocket" in the cornea then inserting something known as an implant, which is a super-fine inlay.

This then restricts the amount of light that can make its way through and gradually restores vision in a similar manner to contact lenses or glasses

The implant, or inlay, acts like a pinhole camera by reducing the amount of light that is allowed through, restoring the vision to normal in the same way as reading glasses.

Dr Allamby explained that it works because only the beams producing the crispest images are allowed through, and said it can offer hope to the millions of people who suffer from presbyopia.

He told the newspaper that the procedure, known as Keyhole Kamra, is less invasive than a similar prices known as Z Kamra, which well over 10,000 patients have benefited from so far.

"This is a massive step forward for people who think reading glasses are the only way for them. It provides immunity from visual ageing and freezes time on the ageing process. It also works for everyone who suffers from age-related vision problems," Dr Allamby noted.

He said that even people who are 70 years old will soon be able to see like they were 17 again and change the way they live forever.

by Martin Burns

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