Eye makeup "is all about the panda" this season

Eye makeup "is all about the panda" this season

By Emily Tait

The major makeup trend this season is likely to be for 'panda eyes' as women seek to emulate female celebrities by laying the eye makeup on thick.

Already, celebrities such as Harry Potter star Emma Watson, former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole and Kate Middleton have been pictured wearing plenty of mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner and women across the UK are following suit.

The Daily Mail noted that people have to be careful when trying to sport the look, however, as they can literally look like a panda if the eye makeup is laid on too liberally.

"Panda peepers go right back to the Egyptians … and yet it's hardly the most forgiving style. In fact, applied too harshly, it can add years to even the most youthful face," the newspaper warned.

Some of the other famous faces to adopt the look in recent months have included Dannii Minogue, another former X Factor judge, as well as former Countdown presenter Carol Vorderman and the model Kelly Brook.

by Adrian Galbreth

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