Contact lens users "not following guidelines"

Contact lens users "not following guidelines"

The vast majority of contact lens wearers are not following manufacturer instructions fully, according to a recent study.

Research published in an issue of Optometry and Vision Science, the official journal of the American Academy of Optometry, shows that the 85 per cent of people who wear contact lenses think that they are following standard guidelines for both usage and care, Medical News Today reported.

However, of those assessed, only two per cent were found to be following every single step advised by their contact lens manufacturer.

The study, which polled 152 patients at an eye clinic and 281 patients visiting a random sample of eye care practitioners, was carried out by experts from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas.

They found that the majority of people are aware that not following the recommended manufacturer regime can cause problems, yet are still neglecting to conform to the instructions.

Some of the major mistakes being made by wearers included "topping off" rather than replacing contact lens solution , exposing lenses to tap water and wearing contacts while showering, Medical News Today noted.

Dr Danielle M Robertson, and Dr H Dwight Cavanagh, who conducted the research, said the average contact lens wearer only performed 50 per cent of the recommended steps of the care regime.

"While most patients consider themselves to be complying with standard practitioner guidelines for lens wear and care practices, essentially all contact lens wearing patients exhibit behavioural non-compliance with resulting increased risk for significant complications," they noted.

by Martin Burns

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