Eye health "a good new year"s resolution"

Eye health "a good new year"s resolution"

Maintaining good eye health through annual exams should be among the list of resolutions people make in the new year, according to Jeffery Graf of the Graf Medical Eye Care and Vision Centre.

St George magazine reported that eye health maintenance could prove to be a wise resolution this year and that people with conditions such as thyroid disorders, diabetes and cancer should take particular care with their eye health.

Furthermore, the publication recommended that eye care habits should be formed from childhood and that children should be evaluated for eye turns or lazy eye - which can turn into permanent conditions if they are not treated.

"Prevention and proper treatment in a timely manner are the best options to retain good vision," Mr Graf stated.

This year, the British Contact Lens Association and the General Optical Council urged consumers to ensure they obtain proper eye care advice before they purchase contact lenses.

by Alexa Kaczka

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