Man regains eyesight through stem cell therapy

Man regains eyesight through stem cell therapy

The wonders of medicine never fail to amaze, and one man that can testify to the ability of doctors to change lives is 62-year-old American Carl Stevens.

He recently regained the vision that had been taken away seven years ago thanks to a breakthrough stem cell therapy in India that paves the way for people like him to see the world again.

In 2004, while in his 50s, Mr Stevens contracted pneumonia that progressed into acute respiratory distress syndrome and suffered damage to his optic nerves, DNA reported.

However, thanks to Himanshu Bansal, a consultant in regenerative medicine at the Institute of Spinal Injury and Stem Cell Research, Rudrapur (Uttarakhand), he was able to see again.

Mr Bansal used stem cells generated from Mr Stevens" own body for regeneration of nerves and changed his life forever.

"I could see the glitter and glimpse of Taj Mahal, could see its white aura .... it is very exciting," Mr Stevens told the newspaper.

Mr Bansal said that new innovations will continue to improve the process further and bring sight to people around the world.

by Adrian Galbreth

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