Eyesight "should never be overlooked"

Eyesight "should never be overlooked"

By Alexa Kaczka

People should never feel that their eyesight is perfect, even if they are not experiencing any vision problems, one expert has advised.

Speaking to Female First, to Debbie Bathgate, lens product manager from eyewear manufacturer Rodenstock, noted that even people who appear to have perfect vision could have an underlying problem, and it is therefore essential that they have regular eye check-ups.

These tests could determine whether they need glasses or contact lenses and also help to spot any developing problems, the expert noted.

"Your eyesight may be fine but that doesn’t necessarily mean your eyes are healthy. Regular eye tests can pick up early signs of conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure and macular degeneration, before you are aware of any symptoms," she explained.

Ms Bathgate added that even those who organise other aspects of healthcare for the family fail to classify eye tests as high priority.

"We all know we should see the dentist regularly but a visit to the optician commonly gets forgotten. Regardless of age and health, eyes should be examined every two years," she noted.

The expert explained that some people can lose up to 40 per cent of their sight before they even realise there is a problem, and advised those with a family history of eye disease to be "extra vigilant"

She also noted that if people are aged over 40 and a parent, sibling or child of a glaucoma patient, they are entitled to free tests. 

by Adrian Galbreth

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