Drinking more water "can reduce appearance of eye bags"

Drinking more water "can reduce appearance of eye bags"

Women can help to limit the appearance of bags under their eyes by drinking more water, according to one specialist.

Jane Druker, a health and beauty expert, said that dark circles are often a sign of dehydration, so the only way to improve them is to drink "plentiful quantities" of water or herbal teas.

She pointed out that the recommendation is to consume eight glasses per day and avoid alcohol, and people should see an improvement quickly, generally within 48 hours.

"If the dark circles are inherited - genetics often plays a big part - the only way to ease them is with a good concealer. I recommend Laura Mercier, Chantecaille and Bobbi Brown, as they all have good easy-to-apply concealer sticks with yellow undertones that negate darkness with ease," she added.

It comes after a recent study by beauty scientists on behalf of Adonia Organics found that winter ages a woman"s eyes by an average of four years and eight months.

The anti-ageing experts studied the eyes of 5,000 women throughout the seasons for a clinical study and found bags under the eyes were significantly darker during the colder months.

by Emily Tait

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