Drivers "could face more regular sight tests"

Drivers "could face more regular sight tests"

The Department for Transport is considering introducing new plans which would see drivers facing more regular sight tests in order to prove that they are fit to be behind the wheel.

Proposals are likely to cover eyesight and reaction times and tests would be necessary every ten years, the Telegraph reports.

A spokesperson for the body said that the move is being considered because the demands on eyesight in modern times are greater than that seen by previous generations.

"Increasing car use, changes in the population"s health and medical advances all mean that the demands on the health and driver licensing system are very different to those of 30 years ago," she commented.

According to EyeHelp.co.uk, contact lenses could be more convenient for short or long-sighted people than glasses when it comes to driving as they will not get fogged up in cold cars, nor will they obstruct peripheral vision.

by Martin Burns

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