Wearing another person"s contact lenses "should be avoided"

Wearing another person"s contact lenses "should be avoided"

By Alexa Kaczka

People should avoid the temptation to wear another person's contact lens, even if they think it is a good idea at the time, it has been advised.

Dr Nagendra Shah, consulting eye surgeon, Bombay Hospital, told DNA India that he recently saw a case of a girl who received an infection as a result of wearing her friend's contact lens after she had used it, and said this highlights how it is important to always follow manufacturer instructions.

He elaborated: "The contact lens is a foreign body and has to be properly sterilised before use. It should also be stored properly."

The expert added that contact lens wearers, who use them either to correct vision or for cosmetic purposes should always maintain them and use them carefully as instructed, using contact lens solution where necessary and disposing of them if required.

Recently, research published in the November issue of Optometry and Vision Science, the official journal of the American Academy of Optometry, shows that the 85 per cent of people who wear contact lenses think that they are following standard guidelines for both usage and care, but only two per cent actually are.

by Emily Tait

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