VDU eye safety "important"

VDU eye safety "important"

Using VDUs can give people headaches and blurred vision - but this does not mean they have to stop using the computer.

According to experts - including the Health and Safety Executive - proper posture and distance/position from the computer screen is at the heart of comfortable and safe working.

Regular breaks from the screen - including every 20 minutes flexing the eye muscles by focusing on an object in the distance - are important.

The screen itself should be positioned between around 30 centimetres and 60 centimetres from the eyes and the centre of the screen should be slightly lower than natural eye level for maximum comfort.

However, everyone is different and workers should get advice from their health and safety representatives in the workplace and experiment with different positions.

Regular eye checks are also essential even for those who are not experiencing any perceptible problems with their sight.

by Alexa Kaczka

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