Contact lenses "a very good solution" to poor vision

Contact lenses "a very good solution" to poor vision

By Martin Burns

People with poor vision often suffer in silence without seeking help for the problem but this can easily be rectified by using contact lenses, it has been noted.

Contacts provide a comfortable way of helping people who previously struggled to see the other side of the room to see clearly, noted vision specialist Professor Harminder Dua.

He explained: "Contact lenses are actually pretty good. They have been around the longest and with newer materials and newer types of lenses, a lot can be achieved and a very large number of people do wear contact lenses. "

They are very safe, but have to be looked after, while wearers need to be sure to follow a hygienic regimen when putting them in and taking them out of the eye every day, he added.

Recently, Patrick Findle told WFMZ.com that he used to manage his presbyopia with bifocal glasses but it got to the point where they were simply not effective enough and he decided to give contacts a try, and was thrilled with the results.

by Martin Burns

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