Eye allergies "could be treated by contact lenses"

Eye allergies "could be treated by contact lenses"

People who suffer from eye allergies or other conditions - such as glaucoma - that require frequent use of eye drops could soon benefit from a new drug delivery system incorporating contact lenses.

The editors of AllAboutVision.com have suggested that there are a number of new developments in contact lenses to be made in the coming year.

In addition to using the lenses as a time-release liquid drug delivery system, glaucoma patients may soon be able to use contact lenses with microsensors to monitor their eye pressure at home.

The popularity of laser corrective surgery has been affected by the current economic turmoil, experts say, although this could encourage people on a budget to consider wearing contact lenses instead.

AllAboutVision.com"s Liz Segre suggests that purchasing contact lenses online could be a good option for people who are keen to compare prices or who are looking for round-the-clock service.

by Adrian Galbreth

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