Dazzle in coloured contact lenses on New Year"s Eve

Dazzle in coloured contact lenses on New Year"s Eve

By Adrian Galbreth

People wanting to dazzle friends and family at New Year's Eve celebrations should give coloured contact lenses a try, one fashion writer has recommended.

Writing on One India, the expert explains that donning intensely coloured contact lenses will "turn heads" on New Year's Eve.

Cat eye designs are a popular option, as are clear aqua, they note, when opting for dramatic make-up that will really pack a punch as we enter 2012.

These coloured contacts can then be highlighted through eye make-up - namely mascara and eye shadow.

When it comes to mascara, why not experiment a bit for the big night? According to the expert, making a move away from traditional black mascara and matching the colour to the rest of the make-up will look great.

For loud party make-up, using two or three shades of eye shadow together is the best method. Start with a neutral shade and then blend into a deep shade before highlighting with white, silver or gold.

by Alexa Kaczka

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