Contact lenses cleaning regimens "should be thorough"

Contact lenses cleaning regimens "should be thorough"

By Martin Burns

Although many people nowadays use disposable contact lenses, a significant proportion of wearers prefer reusable contacts, which need to be cleaned and stored properly overnight.

One of the main reasons for having reusable contacts is that people need to order new ones less frequently, but wearers must remember that a strict cleaning and storage regimen needs to be followed, one industry body has noted.

The College of Optometrists has advised that people should always clean their contact lenses thoroughly and never be tempted to take shortcuts.

Using the cleaning solution, people should rub each lens with their finger for around five to ten seconds, which prevents harmful organisms building up on the lens. 

Recent research has shown that those lenses that were cleaned according to a regime which included rubbing the lens with fingers were significantly cleaner than those which were just soaked and rinsed, so this is important, the college noted.

"If you wear re-usable contact lenses, make sure you clean and disinfect them with the recommended contact lens solution between uses and clean them thoroughly if they drop on the floor," it advised.

by Alexa Kaczka

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