Contact lens wearers should carefully consider make-up routine

Contact lens wearers should carefully consider make-up routine

By Adrian Galbreth

Women who wear contact lenses should take safety into account when deciding on a make-up application process.

Depending on the type of contact lenses, they should be inserted at different stages in the make-up process.

Soft contact lenses should be put in before applying the make-up, while rigid gas-permeable lenses should not be inserted until after the make-up has been applied, according to the American Optometric Association.

All lenses should be taken out before make-up is removed, however.

Furthermore, do not use hand creams or lotions before handling contacts, as such products could leave a film on the lenses.

Hairspray should be used before putting the contacts in. If the individual uses the product with their lenses in, they should keep their eyes closed for a few seconds before and afterwards.

When using a hairdryer, it can be a good idea to blink frequently to prevent eyes from getting too dry.

by Emily Tait

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