Lasik "better than Lasek for recovery"

Lasik "better than Lasek for recovery"

By Adrian Galbreth

People who have made up their mind to undergo laser eye surgery but are unsure of which type of procedure to have may find that Lasik allows for quicker recovery than Lasek, one organisation has noted.

While Lasik is a riskier operation that involves cutting flap in the eye to carry out correction, Lasek involves scraping away the surface and so has a longer recovery time, noted the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

With Lasek, although the risk is lower, the surgeon has to effectively scrape away the surface area before the laser is applied, which leaves a big scratch on the surface of the eye.

This can take four or five days to heal and another four or five days before it is settled and the vision recovers, so with Lasek the patient can expect a delay of seven to ten days before they get their sight back, the college noted.

"Also, because it is extremely painful for the first 24-48 hours, you pretty much can't do anything else and we hardly ever do both eyes on the same sitting because of the pain, and also for the reason that you won't be seeing much for a day or two," the organisation explained.

by Martin Burns

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