Put contact lenses in "before makeup"

Put contact lenses in "before makeup"

By Emily Tait

Women who are new to wearing contact lenses have been advised how to wear them safely in conjunction with makeup.

Dr Susan Blakeney, optometric advisor at the College of Optometrists, said that just because the party season is over it does not mean that people will stop going out and dressing up and they need to remember their contact lens care regimes, specifically if they are new to wearing them.

The main thing to remember is to put the contact lens in before any makeup is applied - something a surprising number of women forget.

She elaborated: "Because otherwise you have got beautifully made-up eyes and if you make a mess of putting your contact lens in it goes all over the back of the contact lens, which isn"t very good because it scratches your eye and sits there on your cornea."

People should also never be tempted to share their makeup, and should not apply mascara while on the train on the way out – though this is common sense.

by Adrian Galbreth

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