New Microsoft contact lenses "could monitor blood sugar"

New Microsoft contact lenses "could monitor blood sugar"

By Adrian Galbreth

People may soon be able to monitor their blood sugar levels through super smart contact lenses, if new developments from Microsoft are anything to go by.

Experts at the software giant, in collaboration with specialist from the University of Washington, are reportedly putting the finishing touches to smart contact lenses, which could be brought to market in the near future.

Although not quite as advanced as the contacts seen in sci-fi films, the new products can measure glucose levels in the tears and eye fluid of Diabetes sufferers.

As Type 1 Diabetes patients need to check their blood sugar levels several times a day, it is hoped that the new contact lenses will be able to reduce the need for constant manual checks by doing it automatically.

Microsoft has yet to confirm when the new contacts will be rolled out, but said they will hit the market "as soon as everything is ready".

by Martin Burns

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