Allergy suffers "can still wear contact lenses"

Allergy suffers "can still wear contact lenses"

By Alexa Kaczka

People who suffer from allergies that often affect their vision because they make their eyes water are not restricted from wearing contact lenses, it has been observed.

News USA pointed out that some people suffer from allergic conjunctivitis when irritants such as pollen or dust enter the eye and inflame the inside of the eyelid, which can lead to watering or swelling.

When this occurs, it is always best to remove contact lenses, but this does not mean they can not be worn at all at certain times of the year, the source noted.

It explained: "Prescription eyedrops, pills or allergy therapy can help reduce symptoms, and some companies are working to make contact lenses healthier for allergy sufferers."

There are also a couple of tips that can help contact lens wearers who suffer from allergies, such as dabbing moisture away with a tissue if their eyes water, and avoiding rubbing them.

In addition, avoiding exposure to potential allergens by not wearing eye makeup unless formulated for sensitive eyes, and vacuuming and dusting regularly, can both help to reduce the impact of allergens.

by Alexa Kaczka

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