Laser eye surgery "offers great freedom"

Laser eye surgery "offers great freedom"

By Alexa Kaczka

Undergoing laser eye surgery can provide people with a freedom they may never have thought was possible, it has been claimed.

For people who currently wear glasses or contact lenses, it offers a permanent solution to the problem of not being able to see clearly and literally helps to open their eyes to the world around them, said Stephen Hannan, professional services manager at Optical Express.

He explained: "Patients commonly report improvement in the ability to see their alarm clock upon waking, being able to see their children whilst swimming and many other lifestyle tasks task that a person who does not wear spectacles takes for granted."

Mr Hannan added that it is important to research the technology and the experience of the clinic that will be undertaking the treatment, however, to ensure the procedure goes without a hitch.

Recently, the Daily Mirror reported that Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards became the latest in a long line of celebrities to undergo laser eye surgery, with operation proving a success.

by Emily Tait

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