Lasik surgery "has a very quick healing time"

Lasik surgery "has a very quick healing time"

By Alexa Kaczka

People thinking of undergoing laser eye surgery at some point have been advised that their eyes are likely to heal quicker if they undergo a Lasik procedure.

According to Stephen Hannan, professional services manager at Optical Express, the majority of patients nowadays will have this type of laser eye surgery.

"This has a very quick healing time and the vast majority of patients the next day have a standard of uncorrected vision that is better than prior to the procedure and in excess of the minimum standard for driving in the UK," the expert explained.

He added that for those who choose to undergo Lasek laser eye surgery instead, or for those who have a very strong prescription, the visual recovery may take a little longer.

It comes after the Royal College of Ophthalmologists recently agreed that people who have made up their mind to undergo laser eye surgery but are unsure of which type of procedure to have may find that Lasik allows for quicker recovery than Lasek.

by Alexa Kaczka

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