Routine eye test discovers girl"s brain tumour

Routine eye test discovers girl"s brain tumour

By Alexa Kaczka

A routine trip to the optician may have saved a girl's life after the vision care professional assessing her discovered a brain tumour the size of an orange behind her eye.

Chloe Jones, who is 17 and from Merthyr in Wales, went for the eye exam last year after suffering from headaches and believed she may have required vision correction such as glasses or contact lenses.

However, her fears about being short-sighted were soon allayed and replaced by the realisation that a 10cm-wide benign tumour was pressing against her optic nerve.

She underwent neuro-surgery two days later at the University of Wales Hospital in Cardiff, a procedure that took six hours but may have saved her life, even though the tumour was benign.

Ms Jones told the BBC that it highlights just how important it is to have regular eye tests, given the significance of the discovery.

"When the optician was telling me I had this thing that could kill me, I was just [annoyed] that I had to cancel my driving lesson and go to hospital on my birthday," she said.

Optometrist Brian Borland, who made the discovery, told the broadcaster that he has only encountered such a discovery a couple of times in his career, and never in such a young person.

"It's the kind of thing we're trained to look for in an eye test, but it's still not common," he added.

by Alexa Kaczka

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