Night-time drivers offered vision tips

Night-time drivers offered vision tips

By Alexa Kaczka

People who drive at night have been offered some tips to ensure they do not fall foul of hazards due to the poor driving conditions.

As many UK workers continue to travel to work and head home in the dark, driver training specialist IAM Drive & Survive is offering a number of motoring tips to commuters.

The organisation's head of training, Simon Elstow, said that to improve their view as far as possible, people should keep their lights and windscreen clean.

People should also use their main beam, but when other drivers are approaching, and when following others, motorists should make sure they dip their lights to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic.

The organisation reminded drivers that fog lights should only be used when visibility is below 100 metres, it is illegal at other times, while rear fog lights distract and can mislead others because they look like brake lights.

Another tip is to make sure they can stop safely within the distance they can see to be clear, while, if they are feeling tired, people should be aware that caffeine alone is "not a fix".

Drivers need to take a break, drink a cup of coffee and try have a 20-minute nap for a quick recharge, before setting off again.

Meanwhile, if an approaching car forgets to dip its lights, people need to glance to the left-hand kerb to avoid being dazzled and, if it is a gloomy morning, people should never forget to put their lights on.

Mr Elstow also noted: "The risk of fatal accidents increases in the dark as visibility is reduced. Have regular eye examinations to ensure you are wearing glasses or contact lenses if you need to."

By combining these tips and following the advice, people should avoid any accidents occurring on the roads during dark nights, the experts noted.

by Adrian Galbreth

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