Nick Nolte claims 3D is damaging eyesight

Nick Nolte claims 3D is damaging eyesight

By Alexa Kaczka

Hollywood actor Nick Nolte has launched a new verbal campaign against 3D TV after claiming that the technology can have a negative effect on people's vision and cause further problems.

Since the release of James Cameron's Avatar in 2009, which set a new standard for 3D movies, many film studios have jumped on the bandwagon and now a significant proportion of blockbusters are being screened on TV in 3D.

In addition, Sky has its own dedicated 3D channel, which shows everything from films to darts, but Nolte says that too much of a supposedly good thing will not be good for the eyes.

Speaking on a Television Critics Association panel ahead of the release of Dustin Hoffman's new TV show Luck, Nolte claimed that experts in Australia are currently at work on a study that will prove 3D can cause the brain to malfunction.

"3D disconnects the eyeball, the lenses from the brain. It's like the brain itself is creating the hallucination of 3D. Australia is doing the research. I can just tell you that," he added.

by Emily Tait

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