Visually impaired youngsters play football at Arsenal

Visually impaired youngsters play football at Arsenal

By Alexa Kaczka

A team of youngsters with visual impairments have been given the chance to follow their dreams of playing for a premiership football team by having a special training session at Arsenal.

The five children, from the North London Actionnaires, a club run by Action for Blind People and funded by The Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation, were among 14 who took part in the session at the Emirates Stadium, the Times Series reported.

They were put through their paces by experts at the Gunners and then later given a tour of the stadium where heroes such as Theo Walcott, Robin van Persie and – for the time being - Thierry Henry play.

Gina Newton, from Action for Blind People, told the newspaper that she is "incredibly grateful" to Arsenal for their generosity in arranging a "wonderful" opportunity.

"This training day and tour of the stadium will stay with the youngsters for a long time, boosting their confidence and self-belief," she added.

The event was just one of many sporting activities the youngsters have been able to take part in through their membership with the club, with golf, tennis and cricket events all being attended in the past.

by Alexa Kaczka

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