Patient reveals how eyelift saved her sight

Patient reveals how eyelift saved her sight

By Emily Tait

A woman has revealed how she was able to save her vision by undergoing a procedure that is usually only done for cosmetic purposes.

Donna McLean, 46, told the Daily Mail that she had drooping eyelids that not only made her look angry all the time, but also began to interfere with her vision as they were pushing down on her eyeballs and gave her headaches.

The problem became so bad that she decided to seek help to cure her baggy eyelids and put an end to the daily suffering she was undergoing, which was also preventing her from seeing clearly.

She explained to the publication that it was not uncommon in her family, as her grandmother had suffered a similar problem.

"Mum told me that my grandmother had the same problems and in the Seventies had undergone an eye-lift on the NHS. It was like a light went on in my head. I thought 'Perhaps I don't have to put with this'," she added.

Ms McLean consulted her GP and was then referred to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, where experts agreed that the impact on her eyesight was so severe that she would qualify for plastic surgery on the NHS.

After several consultations with surgeons, she was eventually recommended for something known as a 'Turn Back Time' lift by Harley Street surgeon Dirk Kremer, which is generally only undertaken for cosmetic reasons but in this case could save her vision.

The expert explained to the Mail that the procedure takes just 45 minutes and patients only have a small plaster above each eye afterwards, with stitches removed after less than a week.

Ms McLean explained to the newspaper: "I still look like me, only better. The difference in my vision is vast. I look much less unhappy, angry and tired, and younger too. But it's subtle and natural."

by Adrian Galbreth

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