Wearing the right contact lenses "keeps people driving"

Wearing the right contact lenses "keeps people driving"

By Alexa Kaczka

People who are not willing to hand over the keys to their car just yet will find that contact lenses can help to extend the length of time they are on the road, one expert has pointed out.

Cathy Yelf, head of external relations at the Macular Disease Society, said that it is particularly important that older people get their eyes tested regularly and wear appropriate prescription contact lenses or glasses.

This not only ensures that they can go about their daily lives better, but means they are within the realms of the law when driving.

Furthermore, people who are told they need contact lenses may also find it gives them a new lease of life on the road, she added.

"Eye examinations can often detect the early signs of other conditions too, such as high blood pressure. Wearing the right prescription lenses can help avoid falls, enable people to continue to drive for longer and manage better," she added.

Highlighting the further benefits of regular examinations, Ms Yelf said that many eye diseases can be treated or cured if they are diagnosed early, such as glaucoma and wet age-related macular degeneration.

by Emily Tait

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