Choosing Lasek or Lasik "a big decision"

Choosing Lasek or Lasik "a big decision"

By Alexa Kaczka

People considering undergoing laser eye surgery will find that one of the most difficult decisions they will have to make is whether to undergo the Lasik or Lasek form of the procedure.

That is the opinion of Tyrone Rocamora, writing for EQuick, who's stated that although laser eye surgery has a very high success rate, it is important that patients decide which procedure is most suitable for them.

"Although very similar in terms of results – with most patients regaining 20/20 or 20/40 (driving standard) vision – the procedures themselves are slightly different. After undergoing a thorough screening process, our surgeon will determine your suitability far one of the procedures," he explained.

While Lasik is the most common of all laser eye surgeries, candidates that have a cornea that is not thick or too flat to withstand the method can be deemed suitable for the Lasek procedure, which carries less risk but takes longer to recover from, Mr Rocamora added.

Meanwhile, according to Stephen Hannan, professional services manager at Optical Express, people thinking of undergoing laser eye surgery at some point have been advised that their eyes are likely to heal quicker if they undergo a Lasik procedure.

by Martin Burns

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