Virtual reality contact lenses "could arrive by 2014"

Virtual reality contact lenses "could arrive by 2014"

By Adrian Galbreth

Virtual reality contact lenses could be in use as soon as 2014, with scientists working on the futuristic eyewear.

The minuscule screen would facilitate 3D vision to improve eyesight, with tiny screens sitting directly on users' eyeballs, according to US firm Innovega.

These screens would interact with a pair of lightweight glasses encompassing a built-in translucent screen, with wearers experiencing the equivalent of a 240-inch television if it was being watched from a distance of ten feet.

As well as improving vision, the device could also pair with smartphones and portable game devices, which would allow users to see close-up video.

Furthermore, in an extremely futuristic touch, the eyewear could also enable "augmented reality", in which digital information is seen on the vision field.

The company also reported it is working on lenses for use by American soldiers that would feed important information directly to their eyes when they are out on the battlefield.

by Adrian Galbreth

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