Contact lens faux pas not a problem for Man Utd star

Contact lens faux pas not a problem for Man Utd star

By Emily Tait

Manchester United's dramatic comeback against Chelsea at the weekend was achieved despite one of the Reds' players losing his contact lenses before the match, it has been claimed.

Speaking after the 3-3 draw at Stamford Bridge on Sunday afternoon, United coach Brian McClair, who used to play for the team himself, confirmed that one of the players' involvement in the game was in doubt before kick-off.

"One of the lads was prescribed contact lenses to wear during games. Instead of trying them out during the week, he spent 45 minutes before a match attempting to put them in," he added.

McClair revealed that a team-mate of the unnamed contact lens wearer tried to help him out by holding his eye open, only for the lens to fall in the sink.

While McClair refused to name the player, or comment on his performance, many believe it was goalkeeper David de Gea – who is know to wear contacts.

Despite this alleged faux pas, the Spanish goalie ensured his side went back to Manchester with a point after pulling off an amazing save from Juan Mata's free-kick in the dying seconds.

When the 90 minutes was up, Sir Alex Ferguson said the save showed just why De Gea has a bright future at the club, despite many pundits criticising a few high-profile mistakes the keeper has made during his short time at Old Trafford.

"I think the save from the free-kick was unbelievable. It was going right in the top corner. He made two or three other saves, including a good one in the first half," Ferguson said.

"Yes, he's made one or two mistakes, the introduction to English football has been different for him. But today he's shown he's prepared to get in amongst it."

Next up for Manchester United is the visit of Liverpool on Saturday lunchtime, where the unnamed United player will hopefully have practised inserting his contact lenses and have them in before kick-off.

by Adrian Galbreth

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